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Over time, most adults experience discoloration and staining of their teeth. It’s a natural occurrence, especially when teeth are exposed to dark colored foods and drinks. Fortunately, teeth whitening is safe, effective, and available in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Midtown Manhattan from a leading dentist, Dr. Pamela Hunte at Pamela L. Hunte, DDS. As the premier providers of GLO Science® professional teeth whitening in New York City, Dr. Hunte and her team are who to call to get your smile ready for your next memorable event.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why do teeth get stained and discolored?

The most common causes of external tooth discoloration are dark colored foods and drinks, cigarettes, and other tobacco products. In addition to these causes, the interior of a tooth can become discolored through trauma or certain medications. However, internal discoloration is not generally remedied through teeth whitening. In cases like this, a crown is a better option.   

How does teeth whitening work?

Many teeth whitening formulas, including the patented GLO Science pro whitening kits Dr. Hunte uses, contain hydrogen peroxide. This is the same whitening agent that is used in many over-the-counter products. However, products sold in drug stores contain a significantly lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide and are therefore not as effective as the professional teeth whitening treatment you would receive from Dr. Hunte.

Dr. Hunte offers two strengths of GLO Science pro’s in-office whitening gel: 24% hydrogen peroxide and 30% hydrogen peroxide. Choosing the right strength depends on your sensitivity level, age, your starting tooth shade, and your desired whitening shade.

With GLO Science pro whitening, you can either undergo short, convenient, in-office procedures or take home a custom whitening kit to brighten your smile. Whitening results last up to two years on average.

Who is considered a good candidate for teeth whitening?

If you have healthy gums and teeth and mild to moderate external staining or discoloration, you may be an excellent candidate for teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening generally provides extremely satisfying results. Whitening only works on natural teeth; not veneers or crowns.  

Is it safe to use teeth whitening products?

Teeth whitening products are very safe to use, as demonstrated by countless studies. They may cause temporary gum irritation and hypersensitivity of teeth in some patients, but both usually clear up on their own quickly. Whitening products should not be used if you’re under the age of 13, are pregnant or lactating, if you have gum disease, or broken and damaged teeth.  

To learn more about teeth whitening, and/or the GLO Science pro teeth whitening system, please contact Dr. Hunte at Pamela L. Hunte DDS to make an appointment.

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