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Missing most or all of your teeth causes problems with everyday activities, such as talking and chewing. Dr. Pamela Hunte, Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Murray Hill in Midtown Manhattan, offers a wide selection of options for replacing missing teeth, including partial and full dentures.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetics that are used to replace multiple missing teeth. Tooth loss that affects multiple teeth can occur as a result of gum disease, trauma, or advanced age. Dentures can restore the look and feel of natural teeth, as well, make it easier for patients to speak and chew.

What different types of dentures are available?

Dentures are available as complete sets or partial ones. Complete dentures replace all of a patient’s teeth, while partial dentures are used when only some teeth are missing. Complete dentures sit inside the mouth on the jaws. Partial dentures are joined to teeth on both sides, which holds this prosthetic in place. Dental implants can also be used to provide dentures with greater stability.

Do dentures have to be removed for eating and sleeping?

Dentures don’t have to be taken out when patients eat, but they should stay away from chewing gum and foods that are sticky. These can become stuck to dentures and make them hard to clean. Hard foods can also damage dentures. Patients with dentures can go to sleep with them in, but they should be removed at night. Otherwise, they can lead to soreness, as they press on the gums.  

How often do dentures have to be cleaned?

Dentures need to be cleaned daily. When food particles stay on dentures, they attract bacteria and increase the risk of gum disease. Patients can care for their dentures by brushing them with dishwashing liquid or a denture cleansing solution to eliminate plaque and bacteria.

When do dentures need to be replaced?

Dentures are made to last for several years.They may require adjustments over time to maintain a comfortable fit.

If you have missing teeth and are interested in learning if dentures are the right option for you, call Dr. Hunte for a consultation.

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