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What are All-On-4®dental implants?

All-On-4® implants differ from traditional dental implants by making it possible for multiple teeth in the same arch to be replaced with just 4 implants. Traditional implants replace individual teeth. With All-On-4® implants, 4 titanium implants are placed along the top of the mouth and/or 4 are placed on the bottom, which provides an efficient way to replace all or most teeth at once.

Why should patients consider getting All-On-4® implants?

All-On-4® implants provide a suitable alternative to dentures for those who need to have all, or most of their teeth replaced. Unlike dentures, these implants prevent bone loss, which can affect facial structure.

What can patients expect from the All-On-4® process?

Patients who choose to have All-On-4® implants undergo minor surgery to place the implants into the jawbone, the maxillary bone, or both. In most cases, an all-acrylic set of teeth is delivered on the same day. Over the next several weeks, the bone and implants fuse together. After the bone is fully healed, the next step is to have a final full arch of ceramic teeth that attaches to the implants.

Which patients can have All-On-4® implants?

All-On-4® implants are suitable for patients who have sufficient bone to hold the implants securely. If there isn’t enough bone, patients may need bone grafts first. Viable candidates must also have enough healthy gum tissue, and be free of any conditions or diseases that may interfere or slow the healing process.

Are All-On-4® Implants safe?

All-On-4® implants are extremely safe for patients deemed suitable. As with any dental procedure, there is a minimal risk of bleeding, infection, and nerve damage.

How much does the All-On-4® cost?

As of 2018, our cost is about $18,000 per arch for the All-on-4® restoration, plus the cost of surgery.

Should the cost of All-on-4® feel prohibitive for an individual, there are options to consider that can place All-on-4® within reach.

For example, our dental office works with LendingClub for All-on-4® dental implant treatment. All LendingClub payment plans feature an affordable fixed rate, which means your monthly payment does not increase. In addition, you can prepay your loan at any time and there's never a prepayment penalty or fee.

The LendingClub online application is fast and easy. It takes just minutes, with no impact on your credit score. You can instantly review the loan offers that you qualify for, and you'll never need to visit a branch to complete your application.

Another option for financing the All-on-4® process is CareCredit. CareCredit works just like a credit card, with a revolving line of credit. CareCredit also extends longer term healthcare financing for 24, 36, 48 or 60-month periods with reduced APR and fixed monthly payments. With CareCredit you can also find out immediately if you have been approved using their easy, automated system anytime.

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